Data Science integrated in
Hybrid Mobile Apps
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ListenApp Plugin


Let your data tell the story

ListenApp is the Machine Learning plugin developed for Hybrid Mobile Apps – be it Flutter or React. With in-depth analysis on each mobile screen, your data will tell the story. From average time spent per screen to various taps – get everything on a dashboard with ListenApp plugin. Interested? Talk to us now!!

Who is already using

We pride ourselves in developing ‘intelligent Mobile and Web Solutions’. Our ListenApp plugin gives great insight of various user journeys which eventually helps organizations to provide better user experience and enhance their conversion rate.

Key Features

Ready to use Machine Learning plugin for your mobile Apps
Apps developed on hybrid platform (Flutter/React) and Machine learning models on Python.
Without having the need to access your database, this is easy integration into your existing Apps
Secure access to ListenApp Dashboard so that you know each and every user journey
Let you App tell the story where the users are in your App, where is the drop off, which screen they like most and what are the pain points. Get your lead generation data integrated with see the conversion at every step of the customer journey.

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